Swan Lake Farms is situated on the south side of Swan Lake, a large body of water where the geese, ducks, pelicans and Swans migrate each spring and fall, hence the name Swan Lake Farms Ltd. We are a mixed farm operation, seeding about 3000 acres of crop each year and running 100 head of purebred Red and Black Simmental cattle.

One of the goals set out for our farm, was to move into a purebred operation, and produce some of the best genetics possible. With that goal in mind, I embarked on a journey to find and buy some of the best purebred cows and bulls available. Also use an ET program, putting in 25 embryos each year from some of the best Simmental genetics possible. We also AI a large group of cows and heifers each year, buying some semen packs on some of the best bulls available.

We strive to always improve udders, disposition and feet. I like my bulls to have lots of hair, because we all know slick haired cattle don't sell well.

I look forward to your farm visits and to discuss your bull needs for your operation.

Swan Lake Farms
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Proudly Western Sale in Whitewood
March 17, 2018

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